A Life for a Life: Doctor Saves Lives of 3 Jewish Children In Honor of 3 Slain Youth

August 25, 2014

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In these dark days where teenagers are kidnapped and murdered on their way home, and war continues while rockets fall throughout the land, we all pray to the Lord Almighty and ask for a life of blessing and success.

We are approaching the High Holidays of the Jewish Calendar that are one month away, wherein, according to Jewish custom, Jews recall the names of those dearest to them who have passed away.

Sadly, too many new names will be added to the list this year, as both soldiers as well as civilians have been killed in the current conflict. While praying for their memories is certainly admirable, one doctor. is taking things a step further by trying to reclaim lives in honour of those who were lost.

Dr. Yonatan (whose has asked that his last name remain anonymous), has sponsored to save the lives of three children by donating to the Save A Jewish Baby (SAJB) organization. Dr. Yonatan said that it was important to him to save the lives of three children in memory of the three teens, Naftali Frenkel, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Eyal Yifrach 16, who were murdered in June by Hamas terrorists.

The parents of the three slain teens received a document outlining the names of the saved children as well as the details and times of their births. Sources at SAJB told Breaking Israel News that “we believe that Dr. Yonatan was influenced from what he saw in the media about the three slain teens, while at the same time trying to figure out a way to commemorate the death of his own father.”


Following a rabbinic decree recently given by Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky to a large crowd assembled at his home, which states; “Giving money to save a life is more important than giving money to write a Holy Torah,” Dr. Yonatan joined one of the many who donated money to SAJB in an effort to save Jewish children from abortion.

In a letter written by Ophir and Bat-Galim Shaar, parents of Gilad, to SAJB in response to receiving the document, they write: “Amid our great pain, your personal and strengthening letter, as well as the knowledge that Dr. Yonatan’s life-saving donation in honor of Gilad’s memory will be helping your organization, has warmed our hearts. The knowledge that lives will be saved in his name brings up joy and will serve as a constant reminder for us as to how lucky we are to be part of the Jewish nation. Thank you.”

In Israel, each day over one hundred unborn children have a decree of death handed to them by their would-be parents who opt for abortion instead of life. Their lives are ended even before they get a chance to take a breath in this world due to the financial distress of their parents.

Save A Jewish Baby struggles each day to try to help these families turn their decision for death into a decision for life, by providing the family with all the financial needs of the baby for up to the first two years of the newborn’s life. The organization receives no funding from the government, but rather relies entirely upon donations. It costs close to NIS 4,500 ($1,300) to save one child.

Dr Yonatan’s donation will be saving the lives of three children. SAJB sources say that with more resources they will be able to save more lives, and help continue to rebuild the Jewish nation in its homeland.

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