“20,000 People”

August 14, 2014

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A song making the radio airwaves all over Israel – was written in tribute to Sean Carmeli, a lone soldier from Texas who moved to Israel and joined the IDF. He was among the first soldiers killed in Gaza last month. In an incredible show of support, over 20,000 Israelis attended his funeral.

“20,000 People” – Lyrics in English:

Twenty thousand people, and you are the first.
Twenty thousand people behind you, Sean.
Marching in silence with flowers,
Two sisters, 20,000 brothers

Football fans who came with the team scarves
And a woman with the flag
Who is not sure why she is so crying so much
Without ever knowing you

Twenty thousand people …..

Came to say thank you and to say goodbye
To say that there’s no such thing as a ‘lone soldier’
or that “a people that dwells alone is not”
As long as there are in Texas, in Haifa, and in Gush Etzion
People like you, Sean

Twenty thousand people …..

The Maker of peace above
Make peace for us with the coming of autumn
No longer being seen anymore, Sean
This is why they all came here, the elderly and the young,
From Haifa and Gush Etzion

Twenty thousand people …..
Twenty thousand brothers.

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