Peace In The Middle East

August 11, 2014

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Apparently, peace in the Middle East is vitally important to the world.

If that’s the case given all of the pressure America places on Israel, one wonders why the many inter-Arab conflicts are not being moderated.

The civil war in Syria has seen 160,000 Arab victims in the past few years, and while there is currently a “Palestinian” unity government between the Palestinian Authority & Hamas, Abu Mazen is unable to visit Gaza.

Palestinian civil wars have seen violence and undoubtedly will again – entire segments of Palestinians are unsafe in Gaza.

As President Obama commences his bombing of Iraq, perhaps he should consider his vaunted desire for “peace” at all costs.


The Zionist visionary Ze’ev Jabotinsky wrote many years ago an essay called “Peace” where he noted: “A noisy whining is now being set up by a chorus of ‘peace seekers’ who aim to achieve (by preaching exclusively to Jews) conciliation with the Arabs. It is difficult to free oneself from a feeling of disgust.” For all of the talk about peace and co-existence, why is it always directed at the Jews making sacrifices?

With whom is Israel expected to make peace if the Palestinian Authority cannot even control Hamas?

Would a “peace deal” make everything perfect? As Golda Meir said many years ago, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

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