Kerry and the “Merry-Go-Round” of History

August 6, 2014

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Preparing to write this article was akin to riding a roller coaster with no end in sight, until I had an “ah hah” moment.  Then the roller coaster became a “Merry-go-Round” and the story line began to make sense.

In various media sources, the following descriptions have been given to John Kerry’s actions and decisions about his efforts to broker “peace” between Israel and Hamas:  “Obama and his secretary of state are abandoning Israel.” “Kerry is inept,” “an unguided missile,” “messianic and obsessive about the prospects of peace,” and “conspiring with and empowering Qatar and Turkey” (cohorts of Hamas and Israel’s enemies), and “aligning himself on the wrong side of the battle against Islamic extremism.”  Another described Kerry as “an alien who just descended to earth from a spaceship.” One other indictment is this from the Jerusalem Post:  “His final act of betrayal of Israel was his repudiation of the Egyptian cease-fire which Israel had accepted.” Has a US Secretary of State ever been as chastised?

John Kerry is the 68th US  Secretary of State.  Israel is the only democratically run nation in the Middle East. Israel is true to the God of the Old Testament, abides by the Ten Commandments and is aligned with the United States in that regard. Israel values life. The US values life. Israel values the rule of law; the US Constitution guarantees the rule of law. Yet Kerry appears to side with Islamic extremists of the kind who use terror to convert souls to Islam, are beheading Christians and others in Iraq, and who seek to intimidate in order to conquer peoples and lands. There is a big difference between good and evil and all forms of terrorism are evil. A look into early American history tells us that President Thomas Jefferson first encountered Islamic terrorists. He didn’t react with offers of peace-making when the Barbary Pirates seized American merchant ships and enslaved crews for high ransom in early 1800s. It was the US vs. the Muslim Barbary Pirates. The US won.

Why do Hamas operatives in Gaza order women and children to ignore Israel’s leaflets, text messages and phone calls advising them to evacuate areas targeted by the IDF? Why has President Obama and John Kerry influenced Hamas to believe that the international community would support them if they keep terrorizing Israelis and Gaza’s civilians–women and children? Why does Western media ignore, or promote hatred of Israel, by showing gruesome photos of dead children while altering facts against Israel and bypassing truth? While Hamas uses women and children to protect their missiles, Israel uses missiles (Iron Dome) to protect her women and children. Have Hamas or the PA, ISIS, Syria or Iran done anything to prove they deserve billions of US aid dollars, much less an alliance with the US?


Why, then, has John Kerry been defending the indefensible by elevating terrorist perpetrators thereby appearing to have offended and alienated America’s closest friend and her most philosophically-aligned ally in the Middle East?

These questions and images of what could transpire as a result of these policies swirled around my mind in roller coaster fashion should this deliberate support of, and depiction of, “false innocence” of barbaric terroristic regimes, such as Hamas and others, continue via America’s news outlets and TV, and those of the extended Western World. The result of false and malicious reporting against Israel is bringing about more and more anti-Semitism across the globe. Riots have erupted in France and elsewhere. Protests against Jews occurred recently in the US. Why would John Kerry want his policies to foment more division than that which already exists?

Ponder words written by writer Joshua Keating on July 23, 2014.  Perhaps he stumbled upon a clue. He asked, “Why does John Kerry keep saying that Egypt is ‘transitioning to democracy?’” He went on to say, “there’s something Orwellian about repeatedly referring to a government that overthrew its elected predecessor, jails its political opponents and foreign journalists, and conducted a faux election that fooled no one as ‘transitioning to democracy’.”  Is John Kerry inept?  Is he gullible and naive? The American people and Congress are overwhelmingly in defense of Israel. Therefore, could it be that these strange US positions via the State Department come from deep inside the bowels of institutions that plot and plan US foreign policy? Is it that Middle East chaos could change Middle East order? Then, we ask, “To what end?”

When I realized that there was nothing new that had happened except John Kerry’s blatant and surprising slaps at Israel, my roller coaster morphed into a “Merry-go-Round.” Where she stops nobody knows. Just like history repeating itself, it goes round and around.  How do we stop it?

It’s time for more of us to stop reacting, and start acting.  It is time we ask, “Why?  Why now?  Why this? What’s next?” We must stop whispering Truth and start screaming Truth. It is time we citizens confront news sources directly as exemplified by the magnificent and heroic job Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer did on CNN, USA, recently. I’ll go so far as to bet that if we look inside history and institutions we will find answers.  There are too many “funnies” going on to think that any of what is transpiring with Israel, Gaza and the Middle East, including John Kerry’s decisions and talking points, is coincidence.

Reprinted with author’s permission

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