Israel’s Anti-Missile Iron Dome a Real ‘Miracle’

July 30, 2014

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Chris Mitchell

Hamas has fired thousands of rockets in its relentless attacks on Israel, but very few are hitting their targets.

The reason? The Iron Dome anti-missile battery, the amazing defense technology that shielding Israel’s cities. It’s been a game-changing defensive weapon.

“Every time they are launching a rocket at the State of Israel, they are meeting a brick wall,” IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner told CBN News.

Some say the Iron Dome is a God-send that has saved many Israeli lives.

“I take that, first of all, as a testament to a merciful and living God and second of all to a merciful and loving God Who’s helped us develop the Iron Dome,” Lerner continued. “[The] Iron Dome is a miracle — an Israeli miracle — an invention we’ve had with American help, Raytheon.”

The inventor of the Iron Dome said initially many rejected the concept of the dome.

“I raised the idea of intercepting rockets,” IDF Brig. Gen. (res.) Danny Gold told CBN News. “Everybody objected to the idea because it looks like science fiction. But we established a team and we got some money and we started to work.”

“It took us about two years to get all the money needed to [reach] full-scale development and [to] buying fuel batteries,” he continued. “This is how it started. The ignition, the incentive was because people were starting to get killed in Israel. They shot rockets into Israel… I thought we have to find a solution to protect Israeli lives.”


To Gold it was a matter of life and death.

“The main purpose is to save human lives, Israeli lives and also, by the way by delaying or not needing to do a massive ground operation, it saved other lives also,” he explained. “But the main issue is to save lives and it has saved lives in Israel and on the other side…without it we would have [many more] casualties.”

The Iron Dome also takes pressure off Israel’s leaders.

“Another contribution is a strategic contribution. The system gives the high political echelons, or army echelon, time to think,” Gold said. “There is Iron Dome protecting Israel, not 100 percent but protect[ing] Israel, so they can think and activate today the air force and navy to stop it, without [a] ground operation. They can activate political powers or they can prepare for war — they have time.”

The Iron Dome has shot down 90 percent of the rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip. Though not 100 percent accurate, it’s changed the equation of modern warfare.

Reprinted with permission from CBN News

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