The Ever Blooming Rose: A Miraculous Gift from God (Video)

July 15, 2014

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Imagine an everlasting flower. A flower that “hides a miraculous gift from God.” Well, this is no science fiction. Known as the Rose of Bethlehem, this small flower “can bloom repeatedly for decades with just a few drops of living water.”

Galya Harish, an artist from Israel, took the discovery of this miraculous flower to a whole new level by allowing people to carry it with them everywhere they went as a testament to God’s miracles – literally. Incorporating the Rose of Bethlehem into unique jewellery she hand crafts, people all around the world are now able to take part in a simple, everyday miracle.

Harish, who worked as a high-tech executive with legal training, left it all behind in her search for a more fulfilling occupation. “I didn’t feel a strong connection to what I did,” she told Breaking Israel News. “Once I turned 40 I began searching for what I really wanted to do with my life. I followed my heart and did something that brought meaning to me and many others. Creating meaningful jewellery.”

The Rose of Bethlehem, which is what Harish centers her craftsmanship around, opens when exposed to live water. Even after the flower has been removed from the ground and is considered dry and dead, the flower opens up mere moments after being touched with water. The flower will stay open for about an hour before closing again, with the cycle repeating itself for 20 to 30 years.

Jerusalem Dove
Jerusalem Dove

“I was introduced to the rose by a good friend who met a priest on his flight over to Israel. The priest told my friend about the flower which grows by his monastery in the Judaean Desert. He called it ‘The Resurrection Flower’. When I saw the flower I was immediately taken by its beauty and the way it opens again and again. For a flower to be able to do that long after it has been removed from the ground, is truly inspiring. It symbolizes the ability to overcome hardships in our lives again and again. It’s a reminder that we can overcome, and bloom with faith. The water which is used to help the flower bloom, symbolizes faith for me,” she said.

Harish notes that while some call it the “resurrection flower” others may find different personal, spiritual or religious meanings in the flower.  For Harish, the meaning symbolizes the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

“The flower grows in the desert and blooms countless times after people may have assumed that it is dead and should live no more. We [Israel] too, are in the desert.  Even with all the hardships we bloom again and again,” she explained.

But it is not just this particular symbolism that epitomizes the Rose of Bethlehem. Harish has created 11 different settings for the flower, most of them necklaces or pendants, with an upcoming ring setting that will become available around the holiday season in September.

“Our pendants and necklaces are circles, crosses, Stars of David, and made out of gold and  silver, pure as well as plated. We just launched a new design, the ‘dove of Jerusalem’, to symbolize Israel’s continued desire for peace,” she said. And symbolism, for Harish at least, is the whole idea.

A Real Resurrection Rose from God’s Garden in the Land of Israel

“When people wear something that has meaning to them, that a loved one gave to them, they remember a feeling of love that makes them feel good and allows them to draw strength from it. This happens for all of us, both young and old, and especially for people who may unfortunately be ill,” Harish explained. “That is why I draw such strength from what I do. Through the jewellery I can help people find meaning or faith. The testimonials I have received from people about how the flower has inspired them and helped them celebrate their blessing and overcome hardship fill my heart with joy.”

Rose of Bethlehem Israel365 Store Featured Product

Harish’s story is truly that of following one’s passion and one’s heart. “When a person follows their heart good things happen,” she says, referring to her own journey from the high-tech world to running her own business creating jewellery and spreading inspiration to thousands.

But sadly, starting a new business is not all roses. There is a very important aspect of supply and demand, and when dealing with something as delicate as flowers and the balance of nature one must ask whether or not this enterprise hurts the ecosystem of the desert. Harish explains how her green ideology has played out to help cause the desert to bloom. “The flower is neither endangered, nor protected. Initially we were returning a seed to the desert for every flower we took so as not to endanger the ecosystem, but, more recently, we have begun growing the flowers ourselves,” she said.

Eternal Love Necklace
Eternal Love Necklace

“I want to have a good business, every business owner does. But more than that, I want to do something meaningful, and helping to inspire people with love and faith that this flower can provide certainly does that.”

In the three years since Harish has unveiled her unique jewellery pieces, over 4,000 have been sold. “We provide lifetime guarantee because for us the important thing is providing the meaning behind the flower, and despite that we’ve only had two or three returns, and those due to damage,” she said.

Harish closed off by sharing a bit of insight into possible uses for the jewellery while finding romantic bliss. “The flower is perfect for a date or an icebreaker for first dates. A woman going on a date can use the flower as a conversation piece and focus the conversation around important topics such as faith or the Holy Land.” The flower can also be used as an icebreaker in social situations she says.

The Rose of Bethlehem is certainly a great gift idea, and one that also inspires faith and love as well. But more that all that, it is a piece of Israel, and can symbolize the connection that one has to the Holy Land.

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