Pope Prays for Peace, End to Hostilities Between Israel and Palestinians

July 14, 2014

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On Sunday, in Vatican City, Pope Francis called for peace in Israel and Gaza during the weekly Angelus prayer, appealing for “concrete gestures to build peace” as the deadly six-day altercation continues to escalate.

The Angelus is a traditional prayer given on Sunday’s at noon following a short sermon from the Pope and often attended by thousands.

In an address from his balcony overlooking St. Peter’s Square, the Pope spoke of the “tragic events of the last few days”.

The Pope called for a cease-fire between Israel and Palestinian elements in Gaza lead by Hamas. He reiterated that his meeting in June with Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was not a waste of time.

“I exhort to all the interested parties and to all of those who have political responsibility at the local and international level to not give up the prayer, nor any effort to cease any hostility and reach the desired peace for the good of all,” the Pope said, according to a CNN translation.

“Someone could think that such a meeting took place in vain. Instead no, because prayer helps us in not letting evil win nor resigning ourselves to allowing violence and hatred to replace dialogue and reconciliation,” the pontiff stated.


Francis referred to the joint prayer ceremony held in the Vatican on June 8th with Peres and Abbas. The historic prayer session followed the Pope’s visit to Israel where he met with the two Presidents in April.

“I urge all interested parties and all in local and international political office not to spare in prayer and efforts to cease all hostilities.” Francis said.

As world powers prepared to meet in Vienna over the escalating conflict, Hamas continues to fire rockets at Israel and urges residents in Gaza to ignore Israeli warnings to evacuate certain buildings or areas. Israel sends these warnings via leaflet drops prior to bombing a building containing rocket launchers or missiles that have been or will be used to attack Israel.

So far, 167 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict, Ma’an news agency reported, most of them militants or terrorists. Numerous Israelis have been injured due to the constant barrage of rockets emanating out of the gaza strip.

Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza have pounded all corners of Israel with more than 800 rockets since the fighting began on July 8, in the biggest Israel-Hamas confrontation since 2012. With rockets being fired from Lebanon at Israel over the weekend, Israel may be forced to open up a second front of the war in the north.

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