An Odd Cease-Fire for Israel

July 6, 2014

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Would any free nation besides Israel allow a terrorist organization “48 hours to de-escalate tensions” before her citizens were being attacked?

Seems as if the Jewish State is accepting terrorist attacks as long as they come within a certain time period.

Media reports indicate that Israel’s negotiations with Hamas are mediated by Egyptian intelligence officials, and a ceasefire is imminent.

This, amidst media statements by Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces that “Indeed, we are conveying to Hamas in various channels—open and back room messages to Hamas—to de-escalate, to restore a sense of security, to bring down the level of violence.”

If the message is that Hamas is killers, then what dialogue can be held with them?  The community of Sderot saw a missile hit a house where kids were together for a summer camp.

Are the “human animals” Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to as the killers of the three Israeli teens the same people that they are “appealing to for de-escalation?”

Seems like the Barack Obama/John Kerry diplomatic double-talk is now the path of the Israeli government.  Will Israel speak of red lines – and then see them crossed and not take action?

Hamas vows to destroy Israel – and Lerner tells the International media: “It’s a challenge, and we hope Hamas will respond.”

Hamas is very clear in their ideology – and regardless of what one feels the political situation is between Israel & the Palestinian Arabs, it is quite clear that any cease-fire is rather temporary.

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