Home of Terrorist Responsible for Murder Attack Blown Up (Video)

July 3, 2014

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Terrorist Ziyad Awad, who was released in 2011 as part of the Gilad Shalit deal, returned to his ways, murdering police superintendent Baruch Mizrahi in April.  Now, his home has been demolished as part of Israel’s policy of deterrence.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had ordered the demolition almost immediately upon Awad’s re-arrest, and that decision was announced last week.  However, it was delayed due to a petition by the Center for the Defense of the Individual (Hamoked) to the High Court.  Hamoked claimed the demolition infringed upon the rights of Awad’s innocent family members and contravened international law.

Ziad Awad (L) and his son Izz Eddin (R) arriving to Ofer Mlitary court on June 23, 2014, Ziad Awad and his son Izz Eddin Hassan Ziad Awad were arrested on May 7 by the Israel Police’s elite counter-terrorism unit in collaboration with the Shin Bet security service for the April 14 shooting of the 47-year-old father of five. The senior Awad is accused of carrying out the shooting, while his son allegedly assisted him in planning the shooting and coordinating the escape. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)
Ziad Awad (L) and his son Izz Eddin (R) arriving to Ofer Mlitary court on June 23, 2014 (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

The court convened Monday to debate the issue.  The Awad family attorney argued relatives would suffer for the crimes of one man.  The court rejected the claim on Tuesday, however, saying Awad’s relatives were far from innocent.

“Against the backdrop of Awad’s testimony, there is no reason to interfere in the decision of the military commander of Judea and Samaria to order the demolition of the house of Awad,” stated the ruling.

Although not present at the time, Awad’s son, Az a-Din, was aware of and even involved in planning his father’s attack on the Mizrahi family car.  He, too, is accountable, “even if he [the son] wasn’t the one who shot the gun and wasn’t present during the attack,” the decision said. His wife, “as it emerged from the son’s statements, knew about the hidden weapon and Awad’s threats.”

It was also noted that the home had been slated for demolition even before the murder.


During the appeal, Mizrahi’s widow, Hadas, pleaded with the court to act in response to her husband’s slaying.  “Maybe demolishing this house will be a deterrent,” she said. “I am crying to the State of Israel: take care of us. We are your people!”

Mizrahi was on his way to a Passover meal in Hebron with his young family in the car on the eve of the holiday when Awad opened fire.  He was shot in the head while Hadas, pregnant, tried to protect the children.  Awad fled the scene.

The Mizrahi Family
The Mizrahi Family

In a statement issued following the demolition, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said, “The demolition of terrorists’ homes is a serious deterrent message to terrorists and their partners, because there is a price they will pay if they choose to continue terror activities and harming innocents.

“The IDF will continue and take all legal steps standing at its disposal to harm the terrorists and the sources that aid them, and to deter further attacks.”

The home in question is a top-floor apartment where Awad resided.  The remainder of the building was left intact.  The Awad family was given 12 hours to vacate the home before it was destroyed.

A sign hung on the door, written in Hebrew and Arabic, read: “Be notified that a portion of this building had been confiscated and slated for demolition by order of the military.  Due to the demolition, it is absolutely forbidden to rebuild this home.  Additionally, because part of the building is being demolished, this area is deemed unsafe, therefore, it is forbidden to enter this area.”

Walla! new agency noted that protests erupted at the entrance of Idna, the village west of Hebron where the demolition took place.

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