Holy Cow! Red Heifer Born in the US

June 29, 2014

2 min read

One of the biblical conditions for the rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem may have perhaps been met recently when a red heifer was discovered in the United States.

In January a red heifer, or Parah Adumah, was born to a cow herding family in an undisclosed location in the US, who wish to see the animal used for the purity service during the preparations for the rebuilding of the Third Temple.

The family has reportedly not marred or maimed the animal in any way, nor will they be using the animal for work or feeding it any growth hormones. All this to comply with Jewish law of keeping the animal as nature created it.

The red heifer is a cow whose coat has no more than one single hair of any color other than red, and whose skin, hoofs, and eyelids are all also reddish. Rabbi Chaim Richman, the world’s foremost expert on red heifers and director of The Temple Institute, confirmed that the red heifer was being raised in accordance with Jewish law with the express purpose of “being presented to the Jewish people for the role of cleansing in the third temple,” he told WND.

“The God of Israel determined based on his wisdom that the ashes of the red heifer is the secret to restoring purity to the world,” explained Richman.

The uniqueness of the red heifer, aside from its irregularity in nature – there has not been a red heifer born in Israel in over 2,000 years – is that in order to qualify for the purification ceremonies in the Temple, the animal may not be worked or tampered with nor may it have a blemish of any kind.

Rabbi Richman says that the people who own this animal and who are raising it are going to great pains to make sure that this red heifer will be useable for the ceremony.

“She won’t be branded, tagged, or used for any work, the plan is to watch her, and take care of her, and The Temple Institute is very thankful to those raising her, as everything is being done with extreme sensitivity and respect to the requirements of the raising of the red heifer according to the Torah of Israel as described in Numbers 19, and expounded upon in Jewish tradition,” he stated.

Richman explained why the appearance of this red heifer, as opposed to others over the years, is creating such a stir. “There have been a number of red heifers over the years. Every time one of them is born The Temple Institute tries to keep an eye on them, and stay informed. There have been many of them that have been disqualified over the years for one reason or another,” he said.

“We are all excited about this one and watching this one. For there is a tradition that there were nine perfect red heifers that were used throughout history, and that the 10th would usher in the messianic era, and the rebuilding of the Third Temple,” he added.

Update: Unfortunately, several months later, the cow was found to have more than one colored hair that is not red.

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