ISIS One Step Closer to Israel as Jihadist Threat Looms

June 29, 2014

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As the radical Islamist jihadist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) wages war throughout Iraq and Syria, Israel is keeping a close eye on ISIS activities in the region.

Aware of the growing threat poised by ISIS, Israeli officials are monitoring the situation aggressively and contemplating an eventual troop deployment to the border with Jordan to contain ISIS operatives from infiltrating the border into Israel.

Israeli senior officials, quoted by Channel 2 TV, spoke amid reports that Jordan will soon be seeking help from the US and Israel to counter the ISIS threat.

While the officials said they were “not too troubled at this stage,” Israeli Military Intelligence have been monitoring what they describe as a 10,000 man army for over two years.

Amos Yadlin, head of the INSS think tank at Tel Aviv University, told Channel 2 that he believes the ISIS “will turn its attention toward Jordan if it encounters problems taking control of Baghdad, and I believe it will encounter those problems.”

Countries throughout the Middle East are on high alert as the ISIS wends its way across borders, leaving many countries susceptible to the jihadist threat. ISIS raids in Iraq and Syria have seized millions of dollars of cash and military equipment, strengthening the jihadist group exponentially.

Last week, the Syrian Air Force reportedly bombed ISIS positions in Iraq. Jordan recently bombed ISIS targets close to its border with Iraq, proving that the Hashemite Kingdom is taking pre-emptive efforts to combat the ISIS. The US and Iran are conducting drone surveillance on ISIS strongholds on behalf of the weakening Iraqi government.


According to a report by The Daily Beast, the Obama administration has warned Israel that it may get dragged into the confrontation with ISIS, whether it wants to or not.

“The concern was that Jordan could not repel a full assault from ISIS on its own at this point,” a senator stated on condition of anonymity. “They will ask Israel and the United State for as much help as they can get.”

Jordan is one of two Arab countries, along with Egypt, to have a peace treaty with Israel. An important ally of the Jewish state, Jordanian and Israeli intelligence officials regularly exchange information about active terrorist groups in the region.

Already turning into a rather strange regional situation, should Israel provide support to Jordan, “it would become a de facto ally of Iran, a regime dedicated to its destruction,” the report stated.

An ISIS Jihadist holding up the groups flag. (Photo: Gloria Center)
An ISIS Jihadist holding up the groups flag. (Photo: Gloria Center)

Former Israeli National Security Council director Yaakov Amidror said on Sunday that should Jordan request assistance from Israel to combat ISIS, Israel would have no choice but to comply.

“It’s not just in Jordan’s interest, but in Israel’s interest as well to work together to solve this problem,” he said.

ISIS leaders have publicly called for the execution of Jordanian King Abdullah, declaring him a traitor to Israel for being an ally of the West. In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, ISIS said seeks to “slaughter” the “tyrant” Abdullah.

In April, ISIS live-tweeted and published pictures of public crucifixions it carried out in northeastern Syria as punishment to its enemies. One image on a jihadist Twitter account showed  Syrian man, bloodied, hanging from a cross. A young Syrian boy look on at the dead man’s body. The caption on the image reads, “One of 7 people executed by ISIS in Raqqa today on charges of planting IED’s.”

On Friday, ISIS executed via crucifixion once again one of its own. Jihadist sites uploaded images of the bloodied body and head of a man with a sign that said: “Guilty: Abu Adnan al-Anadali. Sentence: execution three days of crucifixion. Motive: extorting money at checkpoints by accusing drivers of apostasy.”

Reports of out Syria and Iraq worsen each day as ISIS forces employ violent and horrifying means against its enemies, including crucifixions, point blank assassinations, rape and torture.

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