Radical Islam Miscalculates Israel’s Patience

June 23, 2014

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Finally, it appears Israel has recognized that she has the same rights as the United States of America and other sovereign nations around the world to protect and defend her citizens and her real estate from acts of aggression, terrorism and other criminal offenses. For those who value freedom and democracy, it is refreshing to see the great State of Israel standing up to Muslim terrorists who try to justify their barbaric acts as being their duty and obligation to their deceased leader, the prophet Mohammed, who preached and practiced jihad.

The radical Palestinians, assumedly Hamas, made the fatal mistake of kidnapping three Israeli youth. Little did they realize that touching the ‘Apple of God’s eye’ would awaken and unite the civilized world against them. The kidnappers’ plan was to abduct these youth and use them as bargaining chips to gain the release of even greater numbers of convicted Palestinian terrorists being justifiably held in Israeli prisons. Supporters of Israel believe the abductors of these youth must be met with swift and decisive justice and it appears Israel is headed in that direction.  Evangelical Christians around the world are applauding Israel’s leaders as heroes for forging ahead with expediency to search out the cowardly kidnappers who snatched these three innocent Israeli youth while they were doing nothing more than heading for home.

BIN-OpEd-Experts-300x250(1)With the realization that the world is not in their corner on this one, seems none of the Palestinian terrorists are stepping forward to claim responsibility.  In the past, Palestinians have been richly rewarded by their leaders for kidnapping Israeli soldiers but not this time because the tide of public opinion is not so sympathetic when terrorists perpetrate acts of aggression against innocent children, youth and civilians.  Until now, kidnapping Israelis has paid off handsomely. A high price has always been extracted from Israel in exchange for the return of only a few Israeli soldiers but this is a testament to the value Israel places on the life of each of her citizens and soldiers.

The international community is squarely to blame for the predicament of the three kidnapped Israeli youth.  By pressuring Israel to release thousands of dangerous Palestinians criminals, many of whom had blood on their hands, as part of an incentive package to restart peace negotiations and gain the release of a handful of Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Palestinian thugs, the message was sent and received that such heinous acts earn rewards.  Now that Israel is doing what any responsible country would do in pursuing those who are responsible for the abduction of the three young innocent civilian boys, the civilized world has a duty and responsibility to stand with and support Israel as she handles the situation and hunts down the perpetrators bringing them to justice.

Muslim extremists have crossed over many red lines but this time they have awakened their biggest nightmare, Israel, who has the barbarians running for their lives. Islamic terrorists will need more than a scarf to cover their faces and mask their identities to hide from Israel. Israel and all civilized people who support her will not rest until the three kidnapped Israeli youth are returned safely and the kidnappers are brought to justice.

Reprinted with author’s permission

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