Enough Empty Threats: Time to Start Bombing the PA

June 16, 2014

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Since the kidnapping of the three teenage boys in the biblical heartland of Israel, we have been praying for their safe release and we will continue to pray.

Nonetheless, we have to remember that this is an opportunity for our leaders to take real action as promised and to hold the Hamas-Fatah unity terrorist government responsible.

Now is the time not just to surround Hebron and arrest Hamas terrorists.

Now is the time to shut down Hebron and every PA city completely.

Shut off the electricity.

Shut off the water.

Start bombing every stronghold of Fatah, of Hamas, and of the Palestinian Authority and make it clear that the bombing will not stop until the Israeli boys are handed over to the IDF.

Now is the time to enter Ramallah and to take over and seal off the government complex of the PA and to confiscate their weapons, as well as the latest proof that they are paying the salaries of the terrorists.

These actions should continue at least until the boys are released.

No more compromises and enough talking.

If we are truly holding Mahmoud Abbas and his PA responsible, as Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yaalon proclaimed just a few days ago, it’s time to take action.

Real action that will serve as a deterrent that they will never forget.

Reprinted with author’s permission

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