Europe is Still Sleeping

June 11, 2014

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Catherine Ashton and others find it difficult to understand that Israel is not global jihad’s target. The target is the free world.

In his book “While Europe Slept,” Bruce Bawer described the processes Muslims in Europe are going through. They were not born radical, but the appeasing Europe allowed the radicals of all people to become a leading force.

There are Muslims trying to warn. One of them is Imam Hassen Chalghoumi from Drancy, near Paris, who has turned repeatedly to the French authorities and warned against mosques funded by the Gulf states which have become hotbeds of radicalization. There, they preach hatred of Jews, Israel and the free world.

His calls remained like a voice crying in the wilderness. Europe prefers illusions over reconciliation and multiculturalism. Everything will be okay.

Europe has known for years that hundreds of young people travel to Syria. A very small minority of the millions of young people. But it doesn’t take more than a minority. Europe knows that in the mosques they received the theory stage. In Syria they move on to the practice. There was no need to wait for Mehdi Nemmouche’s act of terror to know that this would be the result. Why there have been hundreds of reports about the jihad journeys.

The young people are not joining the Syrian opposition. They usually join bodies affiliated with al-Qaeda, like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), another weed of the global jihad. Most of the acts of horror of beheading and crucifying heretics take place in the areas controlled by the jihad. Whoever returns from there is a ticking time bomb. But Europe is still sleeping.

Bawer was not the only one to warn: Melanie Phillips wrote “Londonistan”; Mark Steyn wrote “America Alone”; Ed Husain, who was an activist in a radical group in Britain, revealed the processes from within in his book “The Islamist”; Christopher Caldwell wrote “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe.” There is not a shred of racism in these books. They were written before the inrush to Syria. Europe knew, but preferred the sweet sleep.


Professor Anthony Glees studied the influence of the huge capital, £233 million (about $390 million), which came from the Gulf states to Islamic study centers in eight leading universities in Britain. The goal was to integrate young Muslims into the academia. In the name of academic freedom of expression, they did whatever they wanted there. It led to an opposite outcome: Radicalization.

In one area, Europe is completely alert. The European Union has a huge fortune, and part of it reaches the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well. The declared goal is advancing human rights – an important and superior goal. But part of the money reaches radical bodies which support the BDS campaign demonizing Israel.

German funds, for example, reach an organization supporting the destruction of Israel through the right of return. EU funds reach an organization whose leader, Jeff Halper, supports the BDS campaign and tells the world about dark schemes of the leaders of Israel and Arab states to oppress the masses.

So it’s a two-headed monster. On the one hand Islamic funding, on the other hand European funding. The goals are allegedly different, but there is one direction. There are those in Europe who think that turning Israel into a monster will exempt them from the rage of jihad. Even EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton once compared between the murder of Jews in Toulouse and what Israel does in Gaza. So terror receives justification.

Ashton and others are finding it difficult to understand that Israel is not the global jihad’s target. The target is the free world. The jihad representatives say so. Europe refuses to listen. It continues to fund bodies which are part of the red-green coalition of the far left and jihad.

Mehdi Nemmouche is another product among many of the same coalition. The result of incitement and propaganda against Jews, against Israel, against Europe, against the free world. But Europe is still sleeping.

Reprinted with author’s permission

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