Choosing her Child in the Past, One Woman Saves 18 Children in the Future

May 8, 2014

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(Photo: Steve Evans/ Wiki Commons)

“Five years ago I suddenly found myself pregnant again”, Ora explained. “My husband and I lived in a condo with my in-laws. With the bad economic situation at that time, we both worked but at lower wages and with two kids in daycare centers and after-school programs, it was really hard.

“We were living in a rented apartment that we just couldn’t pay for. Even after we moved into a small housing unit, we were left with debts for the rent, property taxes and unpaid electricity.

“Due to our economic difficulties and stress, my husband and I had real marital problems. We fought a lot and even considered separating. Even before I found out I was pregnant it was a very difficult time.

“When I told my husband’s family that I was expecting again, I was shocked by their reaction. They were really against larger families and were pressing me to have an abortion.

“I felt like I was in a trap and that I had no where to turn. I talked to a good friend and told her my story. By the end I was crying. She recommended I immediately reach out to the EFRAT/Save a Jewish Baby (SAJB) foundation.


“The same day I called, to my surprise, a volunteer called Miriam from SAJB called me right back. She was my savior in my time of need and the only source of support to encourage me to continue the pregnancy when I felt like giving up.

“Miriam gave me the strength to stand up to my husband and his family and to announce unequivocally that I am not willing to stop the life of my baby that was growing inside of me. It was as simple as that.

“SAJB gave me the support and economic aid that helped save my child. I believed even then that the difficult time my husband and I were in would someday pass, but our child thankfully will be around for ever.

“I had a son. After two daughters, he is a source of peace and happiness for me. Today he is almost five years old.

“After receiving assistance from the Save a Jewish Baby foundation, complete with equipment, food, money, and monthly packages for two years, I felt that I had to be part of this wonderful organization and help other women so they would not fall into the trap that I almost fell into.

“I started volunteering with Save A Jewish Baby, and now when I speak to a woman who is about to abort their child, I tell her my story.

“So far, I’ve managed to help 18 women make the rights choice for them, and to help their 18 babies live. If it weren’t for the help of the EFRAT/Save A Jewish Baby foundation, they would have gone through with the abortion and the world would be an emptier place. Nothing is more satisfying that the feeling that I have helped make that difference.”

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