IDF Deploys Patriot Missile Defense Battery in Eilat

May 4, 2014

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Patriot Battery Missile Defense
A Patriot battery seen in Turkey. (Photo: MSgt Sean M. Worrell/ Wiki Commons)

In anticipation of probable violence from terrorists ahead of Israel’s Memorial Day and Independence Day holidays, the IDF has deployed the Patriot missile system battery in the southern region.

Alongside the Iron Dome missile defense system, the patriot is stationed in Eilat in preemptive efforts to combat incoming missiles. According to a report on Ynet, the Patriot system includes anti-aircraft and anti-missile capabilities, including advanced radar systems.

The Patriot battery replaces the outdated Hawk missile battery which was previously stationed along Israel’s border with Egypt and Jordan. The report indicated that the IDF plans on using the Patriot as a permanent defense installation in Eilat like its counterpart located on Mount Carmel near the northern city of Haifa.


The American made Patriot missile defense system, combined with the Iron Dome, will provide increased protection along Israel’s southern region, especially the potentially vulnerable Gulf of Eilat. With the two systems in place, Israel will now be protected against short range projectiles such as Kassam rockets and long range ballistic threats, drones, and aircraft.

The IDF has also tightened security in Judea and Samaria ahead of the next day’s Israel will spend mourning and rejoicing. The Army spokesperson’s office confirmed that Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon decided to impose a general closure of the West Bank until midnight on Tuesday due to security concerns.

PA residents will be restricted from entering and leaving the West Bank beginning t 6:00 pm Sunday evening until 11:59 pm Tuesday night. Exceptions have been made for humanitarian missions, medical emergencies, and governmental expeditions.

Israel’s Memorial Day begins Sunday night and ends Monday and Independence Day begins Monday night and ends Tuesday.

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