Violence Erupts in Jerusalem’s Old City Overnight

April 30, 2014

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A Palestinian throws a stone during clashes with Israeli soldiers, November 8, 2013. (Photo: Issam Rimawi/Flash90)
A Palestinian throws a stone during clashes with Israeli soldiers, November 8, 2013. (Photo: Issam Rimawi/Flash90)

JERUSALEM – Tensions continue to rise and violent incidents continue to increase in the Old City in Jerusalem.

Some 30 Arabs rioters threw firecrackers at the Emet house in the Old City, confronting Border Policemen and throwing bottles and stones at them. One Border Policeman was lightly wounded.

In a separate incident, Arabs threw stones at some 800 Israeli marchers who were participating in the monthly march around the Old City walls. No one was injured. Minister of Construction Uri Ariel, who was one of the participants, stated that Israel’s sovereignty on the temple Mount should not be destabilized, and that the freedom of religious practice should be ensured for all faiths, including Jews.

Relating to the recent violent incidents on the Temple Mount, Ariel said: “Unfortunately, Arab citizens are utilizing the holiness of the Temple Mount for political gain and are generating disturbances, breaking the peace time and again and are providing shelter for rioters. A sovereign state cannot tolerate such a breach of its sovereignty in this most holy of places and I call on the Minister of Internal Security not allow this situation to continue.”

He further added that it was unconceivable that Jews would be discriminated against on the Temple Mount.

In a third incident, some 150 Arabs participated in the funeral of terrorist Amjad Al-Safdi, an Arab Israeli lawyer who was arrested a few weeks ago by Israeli security services in suspicion of aiding the Hamas terrorist organization.

Funeral procession of terrorist who committed suicide

Al-Safdi, who was released on house arrest, committed suicide in his home. Commencing at the Temple Mount, the procession moved through the Old City, as marchers carried PLO and Hamas flags. At one point they passed by Israeli homes, and one of the mourners threw a glass bottle at a playground which was full of playing children and their parents. No one was injured, but security had everyone enter their homes until the end of the event.


In yet another incident, girls of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) marched in a semi-military march yesterday afternoon near the homes of Israeli residents. The PRC is a coalition of various armed Palestinian factions that oppose in peace process with Israel. Active mostly in the Gaza Strip, the PRC is a terrorist group. The girls, aged 7 – 14, marched in uniform, flying the PRC yellow-colored and PLO flags, stepping in tandem with the beat of  march- like military drums.

Young girls participate in a PRC march in the Old City. (Photo: Tazpit)
Young girls participate in a PRC march in the Old City. (Photo: Tazpit)

Sarah Haetzni Cohen, Chairwoman of the “My Israel” activist organization, told Tazpit News Agency she viewed this incident with much severity.

“This march is another grave incident taking place right under the nose of the police. This incident is one of many which are undermining Israel’s sovereignty in our capital, Jerusalem,” she said. “We call again on the Minister of Interior Security Aharonowitz to take responsibility and ensure the safety of the residents of Jerusalem and the State of Israel.”

The police were unavailable for comment.

On April 23rd Arabs threw stones at bus #65 on a main route in Jerusalem, right next to police national headquarters, injuring one of the passengers. The woman was transported to Hadassah Har Tzofim hospital. Several other passengers were treated for shock.

PRC march through Jerusalem

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