No Reason to Abort Life – One Woman Speaks Out

April 27, 2014

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By: Save a Jewish Baby / Translated from original Hebrew 

“I never thought that this would happen to me,” explained Bat-El. “Only half a year ago my eldest son was born and I never thought that I would become pregnant again so quickly. I was so stressed. I had just received an opportunity to go back to school, and my job would pay for the degree. This new course would really improve my salary, and I thought that due to my new pregnancy I would no longer be accepted. I did not have enough money to have a private abortion, so I thought of applying to the committee of pregnancy termination, where after looking into the matter, I understood that I would not have a relatively easy time having the abortion.

Thankfully, I told my sister-in-law about my situation. She revealed to me that she had been in the exact same situation a few years back. She was starting a new job after having her first child, and two months into it, she suddenly found out that she was pregnant again. She was going to have an abortion so as not to lose her new job when a neighbor referred her to EFRAT/Save a Jewish Baby foundation. She told me that she was not sorry even for a second with her final decision to keep the baby. I listened to her story with mixed emotions.

While on the one hand I very much trust my sister-in-law and if she refers EFRAT/SAJB, then I can rest assured that I will find help there. On the other hand I am not built like her. She is able to withstand stressful situations and hardships that I cannot. I was very hesitant, primarily because I wanted to get accepted to the study program.


She suggested I continue with the application process and said she would do everything she can to help me get accepted.  Then she went ahead and contacted EFRAT/SAJB on my behalf and they contacted me shortly thereafter. I wasn’t angry with her, as part of me wanted it to happen that way. I was subconsciously hoping that someone stronger than me would help me feel safe and give me a sense of security.

The phone call with the social worker at EFRAT/SAJB was comfortable and to the point. I felt that I was in good hands. The idea to approach the committee for pregnancy termination was left by the wayside. Reflecting back on those tough times I know that I made the correct choice. My son brings me so much happiness and I’ve realized that it is because of my children, of the happiness and strength they bring that I am able to get out of bed in the morning and deal with whatever is going on in my life.

Had I had an abortion I would not have been able to forgive myself, because I realize that my whole line of thought about having an abortion  was coming from a very egotistical place.  I was thinking only of myself, of my career, of my learning. I never thought the situation could would come back to haunt me.

I don’t know a single woman who had an abortion and is not regretful,even if she had justifiable reasons for having the abortion, all the ones I know regret going through with it. Not money, not work, and not learning. If there is someone who will stand behind you like EFRAT/SAJB, then there is no reason whatsoever to abort life. Not my child’s life, and not the continuation of mine.”

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