As Christian Churches Burn, the UN Condemns Israel

April 22, 2014

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Churches Burn Throughout the Middle East, Christians are being killed and persecuted – and the Jews are blamed for providing security. Amazing.

Only a few miles away from Israel – in Syria – there is a civil war taking place which has killed at least 150,000 people and uprooted more than nine million others.  There are reportedly 1 Million Syrian refugees living in Lebanon alone.  Churches are being burnt – and people, including children being killed daily.  Some are killed simply because they are not Muslim.  Yet, no statement from the United Nations in recent days.

Meanwhile, in the only country in the Middle East where all religions worship freely, hundreds of thousands prayed in Israel this week during Holy Week.  Thousands of Christian pilgrims thronged the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem’s Old City Saturday amid tight security on Easter.  Yet, UN Middle East peace envoy Robert Serry issued a statement denouncing what he called an “incident” before the ceremony.   He was upset that the peace procession was stopped at a security checkpoint before the church “despite earlier assurances… of unhindered access.”

Go figure – in the Middle East, there was a security checkpoint? And perhaps things changed, as is apt to happen in the business of security? Mr. Serry – Israel, more so than you wishes that they didn’t need to have security so tight. Jewish Israeli soldiers are protecting and putting themselves in danger, so Christians can pray freely.

Serry apparently joined “ an angry crowd pushing their way through.”    He said that this security “…wasn’t something you associate with a peaceful procession for Easter.”

The fool must forget that at the Holy Sepulchre, where Christians believe Jesus was crucified, in 2002, a Coptic monk sparked a riot which sent 11 to the hospital.  In 2004, a door to the Franciscan chapel was left open and a riot commenced. In 2008, a violent brawl erupted which saw dozens injured in a clash  between Armenian and Greek monks. Is that what one associates with “a peaceful procession for Easter?”

During this holiday period, a Jew was killed while driving en route to a Passover Seder, and in years past there was a bomb which killed dozens as Jews gathered for Passover.  At the Holy Sepulcher, there have been regular fistfights. Throughout the Middle East, Christian churches are being burnt and destroyed – but not in Israel.

On the Temple Mount, located a very short walking distance from the Holy Sepulchre, dozens of Arabs are throwing rocks and attempting to maim Jews and others.  Just today, one of the most influential American Rabbis, Rabbi Meir Soloveichik’s tour of the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism was cut short when violent rioting broke out at the holy site. It was the first time that the Temple Mount had been open to Jews since the beginning of the observance of Passover this year – yet Christian sites were open…. and this idiot from the UN complains about tight security.

In 2014, a fool from the United Nations waited a few extra minutes due to security regulations.  He issued a press release condemning Israel.

Throughout the Middle East, churches are in danger. Just a year ago 62 churches in Egypt were attacked and demolished by Muslims. In Iraq, about 2 million Christians were either killed or fled the country. In Syria, Muslims are slaughtering Christians and imposing fines upon them. Throughout the Middle East Christians are in danger.  Not in Israel.

The United Nations is disgusting, biased and Anti-Israel.  There is a standalone agenda to harm Israel in every single manner – repeatedly – by the United Nations. The only democracy in the Middle East, which allows freedom of religion for all is attacked regularly by this dysfunctional organization. Buzz off.

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