Obama’s Report Card – Failing America and Failing Israel

March 6, 2014

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Instead of pressuring Israel to handover land to the Palestinians under the guise of “peace,” President Obama should be concerned about his own scandals and lies on the issues affecting the American people and the US economy, and by extension, Israel and the Middle East.

A quick Internet search on President Obama’s policies brings up unflattering adjectives and phrases to describe the American president and his administration.  The policies I’m talking about are on Benghazi, US Middle East policy, border security, ObamaCare, abortion, hidden taxes, the IRS, jobs, erosion of “free exercise of religion” as per the US Constitution, and now — Obama’s governing style.

Obama’s newest issue is his vow to bypass Congress and rule-by-decree, or fiat.  He emphatically stated on January 14th at State of the Union that he would no longer wait for Congress or legislation to impose his will to “fundamentally transform America.”  Instead, he intends to expand his rule-by-fiat scheme through an increasing number of anti-constitutional executive orders and actions.  One outcome of this lawlessness could involve a possible showdown of historic proportions with lawmakers and an increasingly outraged American public.  On Obama’s governance, journalists are saying he is sounding more like a third-world dictator than a US president and are using phrases such as “lawless tyranny.”  We give Obama an “F” on governance.

Obama captured the IRS as his weapon of mass destruction to restrict First Amendment free speech of conservatives by stopping opposition messaging and political entities in their tracks and to punish them.  The IRS has been targeting and auditing conservative individuals and organizational tax returns, and those of families, friends and associates.  The IRS has been systematically harassing Tea Party groups, delaying their tax-exempt status for years.  The IRS as intimidator sends various regulatory agencies, such as the EPA and OSHA to conservative businesses.  Is there smoking gun proof?  Yes.  A progressive organization, supported by world financier and world stage meddler George Soros was just identified as having an IRS contract to target smaller groups.  On taxation, the IRS is the backbone of money collection to fund ObamaCare and does so with one of the largest tax increases in American history, bringing a whopping $500 billion in over ten years. “Not a smidgen of corruption?”  There’s plenty.   We give Obama an “F” on the IRS and hidden taxation.

ObamaCare is a whopper. It is killing jobs and business productivity.  It captures 6% of the US economy ballooning to possibly 20% considering extended related businesses.  Not only are citizens having enrollment difficulties due to a mangled and incompetent rollout website, but Obama has made 27 governing-by-fiat changes to established law.  This is flatly unconstitutional.  Doctors, patients, insurance companies and hospitals are becoming increasingly anxious, enraged and fearful of their healthcare futures. Through insurance cancellations and elimination of certain drugs, a type of rationing has already kicked in.  Obama has broken promises and lost all credibility say the journalists.  Liberal constitutional professor/attorney Jonathan Turley reports “shift of gravity” between the three branches of government is occurring “in a very dangerous way that makes the government unstable.” We give Obama an “F” on ObamaCare.

One journalist labels Obama as “the most pro-abortion advocate to ever hold America’s top executive office.”  Obama is expanding abortions through ObamaCare and is appointing a bevy of pro-abortion judges and officials.  He is moving to strip medical professionals and Catholic institutions of conscience rights.  He is forcing taxpayers to fund groups who provide abortions in other countries.  U.S. Senator Ted Cruz says Obama “should not be trying to force gay marriage on all 50 states.  Imposing a re-definition of marriage from Washington undermines states’ rights as provided under the Tenth Amendment. We give Obama three “Fs” for his stance on Abortion, the “Free Exercise of Religion” and protecting the institution of marriage.

One recent news headline read, “Obama’s Workforce:  Discouraged, Disincentivized, Downsized.” The article reports that Americans actually working (workforce participation) is at a 35-year low.  Yet, employers can’t fill job openings even with millions out of work.  The CBO reports, “Future Shock–Economy Will Struggle.”  With businesses closing, shorter working hours, citizens working two or more jobs to make ends meet, we give Obama a big “F” for failing to create a regulatory environment conducive to helping businesses and their ability to create new jobs.

John Kerry putting pressure on Israel and using threats of sanctions and boycotts against Israel is a sure formula for bringing God’s wrath upon America.  An eureka moment occurred in the Middle East concerning Israel and other US allies in the region when Obama cancelled his red line over Syria’s use of chemical weapons. He then backed off from a missile attack at Bashar Assad.  Obama’s refusal to challenge a mass murderer gave him the label: “backbone filled with jelly.”   Russia’s Putin was presented with a gift of leadership.   Iran has been given new hope for a nuclear weapon sooner rather than later.  And, in Benghazi, overwhelming evidence indicates the attack was a coordinated terrorist operation and that it was known as such at the highest levels of the Obama administration within minutes.  The Obama explanation lacks even a smidgen of credibility.  Interesting journalistic phrases:  Obama’s rhetoric is largely meaningless and his diplomacy is without muscle.  Another said that Obama policies display the most pronounced form of weakness.  We give Obama an “F” on Benghazi and the Middle East.

Obama’s “Report Card” displays “straight Fs” on Governance, the IRS & Hidden Taxation, ObamaCare, Right to Life, Free Exercise of Religion, the Institution of Marriage, the jobs climate and Israel and his Middle East policy.

Yes, President Barack Hussein Obama should mind his own business, of which there is plenty.  He should take care of America’s home front and keep his nose out of Israel’s business. It is ludicrous for a leader with such a shameful record to insist that Israel give up her land for “peace” which, in spite of the rhetoric and empty promises, will not benefit Israel but rather will serve only to create greater opportunities for terrorists to terrorize and the innocent to be victimized.

Reprinted with author’s permission

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