17 IDF Photos That Will Blow You Away

January 10, 2014

3 min read

A Rare Look Into the World’s Only Jewish Army

Over the last several years, the explosion of social media has revolutionized the way people all over the world interact with one another. One of the beautiful aspects of social media is that it allows basically anyone with access to internet to gain an inside look and view the world in ways never possible. Instagram, one of the more popular social media tools, allows users to capture and share their photos. The IDF has its own Instagram account and the pictures posted portray an honest account of the lives of  soldiers defending the homeland. The pictures you are about to see offer a rare and intimate look at what being a soldier of the Jewish Army really means.

IDF Instagram 1

IDF Instagram 13

IDF Instagram 12

IDF Instagram 11

IDF Instagram 10

IDF Instagram 9

IDF Instagram 8

IDF Instagram 7


IDF Instagram 6

IDF Instagram 5

IDF Instagram 4

IDF Instagram 3

IDF Instagram 2

IDF Instagram 14

IDF Instagram 15

IDF Instagram 16

IDF Instagram 17

All photos taken from idfonline, the official IDF Instagram account.

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