Israeli-American Lobby Refuses to Support Pause In Iranian Sanctions Requests

November 4, 2013

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If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small indeed. (Proverbs 24:10)

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has stated that they will not support the Obama Administration’s request to put lobbying for Iranian sanctions on hold. (Photo: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO/Flash90)

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee said there would be “no pause, delay or moratorium in our efforts” to seek new sanctions on Iran, according to the Jerusalem Post.

AIPAC made the statement days after reports had come out claiming a number of pro-Israel groups had agreed to a meeting with a White House official to discuss adopting an 80 day moratorium on lobbying for Iranian sanctions.

“AIPAC continues to support congressional action to adopt legislation to further strengthen sanctions and there will absolutely be no pause, delay or moratorium in our efforts,” said the statement by AIPAC President Michael Kassen.

Obama administration officials have said that passing intensified sanctions would be counterproductive while renewed negotiations are underway with Iran aimed at making its nuclear program more transparent and ensuring that Iran is not working to make a bomb.

Congressional proponents of the sanctions, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have said that sanctions forced Iran to the negotiating table and should be upheld to extract meaningful concessions.

That outlook was echoed in the statement by AIPAC’s Kassen.

“AIPAC supports diplomatic efforts to achieve an end to Iran’s nuclear program,” Kassen said.

“Diplomatic talks have been made possible because of the strong sanctions passed by Congress and implemented by the administration,” he said. “Until Iran suspends its enrichment program, additional sanctions are vital for diplomacy to succeed.

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