Exclusive: Why Won’t the World Discuss Muslim Anti-Semitism?

August 20, 2013

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Let not them that are wrongfully mine enemies rejoice over me; neither let them wink with the eye that hate me without a cause. For they speak not peace; but they devise deceitful matters against them that are quiet in the land.(Psalms 35:19-20)

Muslim anti-Semitism as become a taboo subject in academic and media circls according to William Paterson professor Neil J. Kressel. (Photo: Fermín R.F./Wikimedia Commons)

On Tuesday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued his streak of anti-Semitism and incitement against Israel by claiming that Israel was behind the orchestration of the toppling of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt. Earlier this month, despite an announcement of renewed peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority, PA President Mahmoud Abbas told Egyptian TV that if a Palestinian State was created, not a single Jew would be allowed within its borders. This received far less attention than Israel’s announcement a few weeks later that it would build new homes in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. Sadly, these are just two example, experts say, of a far too prevalent culture of fear when the media deals with Muslim Anti-Semitism.

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Neil J. Kressel, author of “The Sons of Pigs and Apes”: Muslim Anti-Semitism and the Conspiracy of Silence” and Director of the honors program of the social sciences at William Paterson University told Breaking Israel News affiliate Yishai Fleisher , “in my view Muslim anti-Semitism is a topic which not only is ignored, but its a topic that when you mention it, people immediately attempt to delegitimize you for talking about it.”

“Then they come up with 100 different way to explain why what you think is bigotry really  isn’t bigotry,” Kressel added.

The media has been intentionally ignoring this issue to push their left-wing agenda Kressel insists, himself a self-described “liberal who is concerned about bigotry”. When Muslim bigotry is brought up, Kressel notes, “what happens is they go on to talk about something else, and the issue is ignored…and when I look at what other people who are concerned about bigotry are talking about, they don’t want to talk about this, they deny it.

In addition to his other positions, Kressel was also a member of the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary  Study of Anti-Semitism (YIISA), which was disbanded, according to Yale because it did not meet “its academic expectation”, although many believe the move was more political, including the  American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League. According to Kressel, “most of [the people working at YIISA] were concerned with all different types of bigotry…and they were very upset that anti-Jewish racism seemed to be neglected…they brought together top scholars from Israel, from Britain, from all over Europe, even anti-Israel scholars.”

Kressel then pointed to a conference in 2010 that led to the dismantling of the program. “Then we held a conference in 2010 which dealt with global anti-Semitism…at the end of this conference the Palestinian ambassador to the United States issued a strong protest to the president of Yale that he was sponsoring a racist Zionist plot, basically, which was trying to denounce Islam because they were essentially Israeli agents.

“This theme was picked up upon by many so-called ‘progressives’…[who] view the United States as the main source of evil in the world and they view Israel also as a major source of evil, Kressel continued. “And they picked up the ball and started writing articles and they all protested to the President of Yale…then six months later when the institute came up for renewal, a committee of professors and administrators at Yale decided….it was too political…and they shut the operation down.”

In response to being asked by a baffled Fleisher how the people who were supposed to be the “good guys”, such as the United Nations and the New York Times, have become a part of this conspiracy of silence, Kressel responded that fear of Muslim violence and other types of reprisal combined with the possibility of it creating “bad feelings among the Muslim community” has been more than enough for many in the academic and media world to shy away from discussing Muslim bigotry.

In a cautionary statement, Kressel warned Fleshier, “if Western liberalism is serious about any of its values, it has to also be serious about Muslim Anti-Semitism.”

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