Bibi to CUFI: Iran Is A Threat To Us All

July 26, 2013

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Bibi speeking
Bibi speeking
In a satellite video address to the CUFI Washington Summit, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cautioned the crowd that the Iranian threat was hardly just an Israeli problem (Photo: Flash90)

In his live satellite video conference with thousands of pro-Israel supports at the annual Christians United For Israel Summit in Washington D.C., Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the crowd for their steadfast support of the Jewish state but followed up with a sobering message.

After his opening pleasantries, Bibi stressed to the CUFI crowd that Israel was far from the only target of a nuclear Iran. “Those weapons aren’t prepared to launch against Israel,” Netanyahu warned. “They already have nuclear missiles. Those ICBMs are intended for you to hit the United States and that could happen very soon.”

The Iranian threat has been the main theme of Bibi’s public addresses as of late, even using it as a reason for his decision to enter back into negotiations with the Palestinians at the behest of US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz echoed the Prime Minister’s statements when he addressed the crowd saying, “”What’s wrong with the world are regimes from Tehran to the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo that permit or even encourage the continued persecution and murder of Christians and Jews.”

CUFI members also took to Capitol Hill to lobby lawmakers on behalf of Israel.

The conference, announced as CUFI’s largest, was announced a tremendous success as the distinguished speakers, such as Netanyahu, Cruz, Pastor John Hagee, and especially keynote speaker Glenn Beck put on an impressive display that encouraged and excited the crowd.

Enrollment for the 2014 summit is already open on the CUFI website.

(Information for this article provided by CBN News)

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