A Different Kind of Protection

June 5, 2013

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Bart Repko in Jerusalem (Photo: YouTube)
Bart Repko in Jerusalem (Photo: YouTube)

The walls of the Old City of Jerusalem are playing host to a different kind of guard: not an army with weapons of war, but a group of devout believers armed with scripture and prayer.  Former Dutch documentary filmmaker Bart Repko leads Christians — some 3,500 last year — and others around the walls, proclaiming God’s promises as recorded in the bible.  The goal of his ministry, Never Be Silent, is to remind God of those promises and encourage their fulfillment.

“Every morning we scale the walls and start proclaiming the promises God has for the Jewish people…based on Isaiah 62: ‘For Zion’s sake you will not be silent, for Jerusalem’s sake you will not be quiet,’” explains Repko.


Locals seem to be pleased by his efforts.  “To my surprise, many Jewish people hear the rumors in Jerusalem ‘Hey, this crazy Dutchman is walking on the walls,’ and they come and I welcome them.  Jewish people walk with us.  Many times they are moved because they feel we do not have a hidden agenda.”

Repko believes we are living in times of significant change.  He challenges the church and its believers to “wake up.”  He also issues a challenge to the Jewish people: “If you can, come home.”


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