Oct 01, 2022
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The Biden administration is indicating now that its nuclear deal with Iran will not be concluded until after the midterm elections. This, even as the IAEA reported last week that Iran needs to be considered a nuclear threshold state, because it can currently build a nuclear bomb independently at will.

Israel’s security brass, for its part is beginning to discuss the necessity of changing Israel’s doctrine for contending with Iran. The notion being bandied about is that Israel must change its strategic goal vis-à-vis Iran’s nuclear weapons program from prevention to deterrence and containment.

To discuss these developments I was joined this week on the Mideast News Hour with my friend and colleague at the Center for Security Policy, Dr. David Wurmser. David noted that for 25 years, Israel has pledged to block Iran from developing nuclear weapons. A shift in policy now, he argued would be catastrophic for Israel’s regional and global standing. It will invite aggression at every turn, and worse.

David and I discussed what Israel must do to ensure that it doesn’t become the scapegoat, blamed and punished for Iran’s aggression and future threats against Europe and how the Biden administration is likely to behave in the future, as Iran’s status as a nuclear power is openly acknowledged.

In my closing remarks, I reflected on reasons that 21 years after radical Islam attacked America, September 11 has largely disappeared from the discourse. So too, I considered how America’s willful blindness to Iran’s role in global terrorism, including the September 11 attacks is connected to the collective amnesia about the events of September 11, which has captured so much of the U.S. and Israeli media.

To watch the show on YouTube, click below.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Caroline Glick