Sep 29, 2022
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A massive sinkhole opened on Tel Aviv’s main highway Saturday night, causing significant traffic delays.

The sinkhole was formed on the Ayalon Highway, adjacent to the HaShalom Interchange in southern Tel Aviv.

No injuries were reported.

Police closed several traffic lanes on the highway, creating massive disruptions in the area.

The three lanes of traffic onto the HaShalom exit on the southbound freeway were closed, leaving only two lanes open on the busy route. The cause of the sinkhole is still unknown. Still, Israelis are being called on to avoid the thoroughfare during their daily commutes to the Tel Aviv area as significant traffic disruptions are expected.

The last sinkhole of this magnitude in Israel appeared in June 2021 in a Jerusalem parking lot adjacent to Shaarei Tzedek (the gates of mercy) Hospital in Jerusalem. Several cars were swallowed up, falling into the sinkhole. Emergency services were called to the site, and after a search, it was determined that the cars were empty when they fell into the hole.

According to reports, the collapse resulted from nearby construction work, including a tunnel running under the site. The tunnel showed signs of partial collapse.