Oct 05, 2022
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Sheikh Kamal Al-Khatib, deputy head of the northern faction of the Islamic Movement, threatened that there would be Arab riots at the site on the upcoming Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanna.

He warned against “Jews’ intentions to blow the shofar, bring animal sacrifices, and desecrate the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah.”

According to Khatib, actions such as “blowing the shofar and wearing priests’ clothing will cause riots. Al-Aqsa Mosque will never be the Temple, and it will remain in Muslim hands.”

He also claimed that “Palestinians have thwarted 19 plans to occupy the Mosque.”

Before Passover, Khatib warned against Jews bringing sacrifices to the Temple Mount.

“Our people know exactly what is required of them and appreciate the honor of the preparations in Al-Aqsa Mosque and in Jerusalem in order to thwart the plans of the Jews and settlers,” he said at the time.

The Israeli government banned the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in November 2015 due to close ties with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. However, it has been speculated that it may resurface as an underground organization.

In May of 2021, Khatib was arrested on suspicion of  “incitement to terrorism, violence, and identification with a terrorist organization.” This came at the height of Israel’s conflict with Gaza, which sparked internal Arab-Jewish unrest. He was released under restrictive conditions and has been barred from accessing the internet, making speeches, or giving interviews for 45 days. He was also barred from gatherings of more than 45 people.

In 2014, Khatib was barred from the Temple Mount for three years for inciting violence.