Sep 30, 2022
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Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Ben Shapiro in an interview that premiered on Aug. 14 that “there are devices the size of a matchbook” that could help destabilize the Iranian regime.

“You could possibly de-control the information. I think that is important,” he said on The Daily Wire’s “The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special.”

“With new technologies and low-flying satellites” and other miniature devices, “you might break their hold—their monopoly on information. That begins to challenge them,” he explained.

“There are many other things I could talk about, but I won’t,” he added on the hour-long show.

Netanyahu also mentioned that in talks with former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the American diplomat said Israel could withdraw its security forces from Judea and Samaria because “we will train the local Palestinian forces to fight the Islamic radicals.”

In a meeting, Kerry said he could prove to him that they could do it by taking him on a clandestine visit to Afghanistan to show how it trained forces there to deal with the Taliban.

Netanyahu described how he said, “John, I guarantee you this, the minute you leave, it will take at most days—no more than days—for the Taliban to sweep all these American-trained forces that you have, and we [meaning, Israel] are not going to take that risk.”