Sep 30, 2022
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Rabbi Tuly Weisz distributing Cool Collars (Photo Israel365)

On Thursday, Israel365 visited an IDF base 30 meters from the Gaza border to deliver a vital piece of equipment to help the soldiers protect Israel while also bringing about Jeremiah’s prophecy.

“The number of soldiers at the base had been doubled due to the security situation so conditions were especially difficult,” Yisroel Glass from Israel365 said. “There was just a war and they are literally on the front line. These are our sons and daughters and we need to help them in this great mitzvah of protecting Israel.”

Last year, Israel365 distributed 200 Cool Collars, an amazing device to help soldiers stay cool in the field. The Cool Collars were so effective that this year, Israel365 is planning to distribute an additional 300 Cool Collars all over the country, focusing on the areas like the Gaza birder, Judea, and Samaria where the troops are most at risk.

The “Cool Collars” are the invention of an Israeli Start Up company that produces light-weight, wearable collars that can keep a person cool for up to two hours. What’s more, they can be easily recharged in a refrigerator, freezer, ice water and even when placed upon AC units to be recharged for as little as 20 minutes. Based on a new substance created a couple of years ago, an Israeli chemist (and former IDF soldier), the “Cool Collar” works like an ice pack in that absorbs the body’s heat in the most effective means possible – via heat transfer (versus fans or towels). The Cool Collar, the product of a Beit Shemesh start-up, is infused with QuickSnow technology, engineered to maintain a temperature of 64 degrees and avoid the hazards of frostbite and discomfort associated with ice. This incredible white substance can be cooled down in 20 minutes and holds a 64-degree temperature for 2 hours. Cooling the neck’s arteries, veins, and nerves can cool the whole body which is perfect for soldiers in the field. The Cool Collar gives them physical relief from the blazing sun and lessens the danger of heat exhaustion. This cooling effect is not just for comfort. It enhances soldiers’ physical stamina, alertness, and cognitive skills in the burning outdoor heat. That’s a real blessing for our terrorist-fighting warriors.

The initiative to provide these collars to IDF soldiers was originally run by Ari Fuld who was tragically killed by a terrorist in 2018.

The Cool Collar also fulfills Jeremiah’s Biblical prophecy:

“For he will be like a tree planted by the water that extends its roots by a stream,
and will not fear when the heat comes.” (Jeremiah 17:8)

For more information, go to the Israel365 Cool Collar website.