Sep 30, 2022
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Summer in Israel is a time when many Israelis fly abroad for vacation, soak up the sun at the beach, enjoy day camp activities and venture out on all sorts of fun excursions throughout the country. But for children whose families can’t afford fun activities, the summer is a uniquely challenging and often dangerous time. With their parents often working multiple jobs, these children are left largely unsupervised and without structure. This combination increases the chances of children making bad decisions, hanging out with the wrong crowds, and engaging in risky behaviors. 

Meir Panim summer camp (Photo courtesy Meir Panim)

The effects of this don’t just end when summer does. Children from disadvantaged homes are more likely to fall through the cracks, jeopardizing their chances of success during their most formative years. Many of these children also suffer from food insecurity.

But one charitable organization is doing everything it can to ensure that underprivileged children in Israel experience a safe summer full of fun and meaningful activities – and most importantly, nutritious meals.

Meir Panim summer camp (Photo courtesy Meir Panim)

Best known for its Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens, Meir Panim also runs a complete summer camp through its Or Akiva Branch which aims to be a “game-changing” experience for Israel’s underprivileged youth.

Located in northern Israel, adjacent to Haifa, the camp is designed to keep disadvantaged kids in Israel off the streets while school is out for the summer. Rather than being bored and, in some cases, deprived of food, the campers stay busy with meaningful activities while eating wholesome meals and delicious snacks.  Activities include sports, swimming, arts and crafts, educational field trips, and academic assistance to give the children a head start for the coming academic year.

Meir Panim understands that there are no vacations for children suffering from poverty and food insecurity and that Israel’s underprivileged youth need more than food alone to nurture their development and set them up for success. The Or Akiva summer camp ensures needy children receive the attention and care they desperately need throughout the summer. 

Can you help Israel’s struggling children? If you can, please consider donating to Meir Panim’s summer camp today