Aug 17, 2022
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Saudi Arabia plans to build a massive skyscraper at a cost of $1 trillion. When it’s finished, it could be the biggest structure in the world, according to reports.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Riyadh has prepared the blueprint for the structure called the ‘Mirror Line.’

The skyscraper is anticipated to boast two reflective glass buildings reaching 1,600 feet (487.68 meters) tall. Although the structure won’t be as tall as Dubai’s 2,716.5 foot tall Burj Khalifa, it will undoubtedly be wider; the WSJ reported citing confidential documents. The two buildings are planned to run parallel to each other for 74 miles and will span a terrain of the sea shore, mountain, and desert.

The idea for the structure was conceived after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) told officials to develop something as ambitious as Egypt’s pyramids. WSJ reported that the project’s cost is anticipated to be approximately $1 trillion. It would house roughly five million people after its construction is complete.

The structure will feature two adjacent mirrored buildings, as its name suggests. Commuters will be able to enjoy a high-speed train under the buildings as it is being planned with no vehicle access or pollution.

The structures will feature a honeycomb of hotels and residences. Vertical farming will be incorporated to grow vegetables. The vegetation will be cultivated autonomously. It will then be bundled and moved into community canteens and co-living kitchens, the report said, adding that residents can pay for a subscription for meals to be served to them.

The Mirror Line will feature an above-ground sports stadium at a height of roughly 1,000 feet. There will also be a marina underneath an arch connecting the two buildings for yachts.

The Mirror Line is designed by Morphosis Architects and involves at least 9 other design and engineering consultants. MBS wants it to be finished by 2030.