Aug 17, 2022
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With over 20 million subscribers, Tasty is a popular Youtube channel that describes itself as the world’s largest food network.

Their humorous, lighthearted videos often feature an American comparing their country’s snacks with people from other cultures.

Recently, the network posted a video of Jasmine and Murad swapping “their favorite American and Palestinian snacks.” There’s just one problem; None of the “Palestinian snacks are Palestinian.

Murad’s first snack was a bowl of pistachio nuts. Pistachios originated in Djarkutan, what is known today as Uzbekistan. The nut’s tree is native to Central Asia. The second snack Murad presented was Turkish Delight. As the name implies, this sugary dessert originated in Turkey.

The third snack Murad features were Tazah Maamoul Date Cookies. Maamoul originated in ancient Egypt. The Tazah brand is from California, and the cookies are imported from Egypt.

The fourth ‘Palestinian’ snack Murad reveals are Jordanian Almonds. Although Murad’s necklace shows the Land of Israel excluding Jordan, he apparently really does believe that Jordan is Palestine. But even Jordan Almonds may not have originated in Jordan. Jordan almonds are thought to originate from ancient Rome, where honey-covered almonds were introduced by a Roman baker and confectioner named Julius Dragatus.

So much for ‘Palestinian’ snacks…