Aug 17, 2022
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Jerusalem, Israel (24/8/2022) Thanks to the quick intervention of the Magen David Adom team, the life of an Australian athlete at the 21st Maccabiah Games was saved today, Sunday, July 24, 2022.

During a soccer match between Australia and Colombia in the Masters’ Tournament for athletes 55 and over, the MDA team assigned to the match recognized unusual body language as an athlete walked toward the bench. By the time he collapsed on the grass, the MDA team was there and began CPR with electric shocks from a defibrillator. Within a few minutes, the Australian, 55, was evacuated to Laniado Hospital in Netanya, fully conscious and communicative.

“The player was treated immediately by MDA teams present at the scene and was then taken in stable condition and conscious to Laniado Hospital,” said organizers of the Maccabiah games. At the hospital, he underwent a series of lifesaving procedures and is recovering in the intensive care unit.

For many years, Magen David Adom has been medically securing the Maccabiah events held in Israel. The thousands of EMTs and paramedics covering this year’s event, which began July 14th, underwent a series of training exercises to prepare for the medical cover of tens of thousands of participants and spectators, including some 10,000 athletes from 58 countries.

MDA placed special emphasis on open-air competitions, including this soccer stadium, where people could be particularly affected by the hot weather.

“For many years, MDA has been securing the Maccabiah Games,” said Eli Bin, director-general of MDA. “I am proud of the high level of alertness the team members showed by their keen observation and speed to the scene, resulting in another life saved.”

In 2013, MDA saved an American spectator who was headed to the games. Watch the video.

Magen David Adom, the Red Star of David, was founded in 1930 to save lives in Israel. The organization has since grown to more than 30,000 medical professionals and volunteers with a fleet of 1,300 ambulances, 600 Medicycles, and two helicopters. Certified EMTs and paramedics answer Magen David Adom’s 101 national dispatch center within four seconds, offering lifesaving advice as they send help. Once dispatched, Magen David Adom arrives first on the scene over 91% of the time. In 2021, Magen David Adom responded to nearly 700,000 emergency calls and delivered 972 babies.