Aug 17, 2022
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Editor in chief of the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, toured the Temple Mount on Sunday.

The conservative pundit visited the holy site with his father. The father and son were accompanied by Temple Mount Administration head Rabbi Shimshon Elboim. The rabbi blessed the visitors that they see the Holy Temple rebuilt in their lifetimes. The two also participated in the afternoon Jewish prayer Mincha.

Shapiro made the journey to Jerusalem following a sold-out lecture in Tel Aviv, where he spoke of the strengths and weaknesses of the US and Israel and what the two allies can learn from each other.

This wasn’t the first time the fast-talking pundit visited Temple Mount. In 2019, Israel365 News reported that he made the holy pilgrimage to the Temple Mount. There, he recited the musaf Jewish prayer, according to witnesses at the scene. At that time, a Jewish pilgrim was detained by the police for prostrating himself near the alleged site of the tabernacle. In an act of defiance, Shapiro’s group began singing Hebrew songs about building the Third Temple to protest the detention of the man who prostrated.

Shapiro is an orthodox Jew who wears a kippah publically. His controversial pro-life abortion stance and facts vs. feelings ideology propelled his rise to becoming among the most iconic young conservative leaders in American history.