Aug 17, 2022
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Former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley spoke at the 17th Christians United for Israel (CUFI) summit on Tuesday.

Haley opened her address by saying: “The Lord is with us and with Israel” and said that Israel is not a political cause but a “righteous cause.”

2024 presidential hopeful?

Haley then sounded the alarm on Iran’s ambitions to obtain nuclear weapons to “destroy Israel and America.” She was cautiously pessimistic about the Iran nuclear deal, saying: “The good news is; no deal has been reached. The bad news is; it can happen soon.” She then hinted at a presidential run in 2024, proclaiming: “If this president signs any sort of deal, I’ll make you a promise: the next president will shred it on her first day in office.” Haley went on to blast Biden whose weak approach to Iran is “putting Israel at risk and America too.”

She accused Iran of promising “death to Israel and death to America,” adding, “We should make sure  they never keep that promise by getting a nuclear weapon.”

Haley spoke of the importance of preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons, saying that “if it ever looks like Iran is getting a nuclear weapon, we must act, and we must act swiftly and decisively. Our national security depends on keeping the bomb away from Iran, and if America won’t, Israel must, and we should help them.”

The Ukraine conflict

“Our Christian faith calls on us to support her, and we will always answer that call,” the former and first female governor of South Carolina. Haley also touched on the conflict in Ukraine, calling it a “reminder that evil is real.” She then made an equivalence between standing for Israel to the same degree one should stand against Russia, saying: “just as every person of goodwill should take Israel’s side, we have a duty to support Ukraine.”

Haley compared the plight of the Jews in Nazi Germany to the plight of the Jews of Ukraine, citing a story of a Holocaust survivor who fled the Nazis when she was a child and is now fleeing Ukraine from the Russians. She also spoke of Ukraine’s experience during World War two, painting them as victims, saying: “Ukraine is no danger to death and destruction. Not so long ago, that country was at the center of the Holocaust.” However, Haley failed to mention that it was the Ukrainians who were among the cruelest perpetrators of the Holocaust, going above and beyond what Hitler asked of them.

She recalled a story of a Holocaust survivor who had to flee twice in her life, once from the Nazis to Ukraine and now from the Russians. She acknowledged that since the establishment of Israel, Ukraine’s Jews, who she was concerned would disappear, now have a home in Israel. “Thank God for Israel,” she proclaimed to loud applause.

Biden’s performance

Haley added that she didn’t think Biden’s recent visit to Israel went well. She hailed Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid for saying that a military threat has to be credible, something she laments America no longer is.

“Our allies don’t trust us, and our enemies don’t fear us,” she said on Israel and Iran’s perception of Washington. Haley also lamented a recent announcement by the Biden administration to offer more than $300 million in unconditional aid for the Palestinians. Haley fears those unconditional funds will be used to attack Israel – specifically the United Nations ReleiReliefs Agency (UNRWA), which she called the most antisemitic body of the UN. Haley then boasted about her convincing Trump to defund UNRWA.

“My faith tells me Israel will survive. Noone can destroy what Israel blessed. The Lord is calling on us to bless Israel too” she proclaimed to a roaring applause.

Haley then invoked the Biblical story of the twelve spies who went to scout out the Landin the Book of Numbers. She said that America is at risk of making the same mistake that the spies made of losing faith in God. “We can be like the faithful Joshua and Caleb who returned from the promised land with hopeful reports.We can do what they did to keep the faith. We can rally our nation to do what’s right. The time has come to make America strong and proud once more.”

“In Israel, we see the goodness of God kindl its light.”