Aug 16, 2022
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As Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian officials prepare to meet with U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday for a short meeting in Bethlehem, their message in Arabic remains undoubtedly antagonistic.

The P.A. denies the Jewish historical link to Jerusalem. According to Palestinian Media Watch, a filler program has aired on official P.A. TV from 2017 to the present that denies Jewish history.

The official broadcast narrator stated: “Our memories in this land are too long to be counted in years, and the occupier in our land has no memories. We remain here.”

The P.A. and Fatah recently broadcast another video that denies Jewish history in the land.

The narrator said: “O coward, you must leave because you have no history in our Jerusalem, and it is not your homeland” …

Crowd: “With spirit, with blood, we will redeem you, Al-Aqsa mosque … Allahu Akbar (‘Allah is greatest’).”

It aired on official P.A. TV on June 30.