Aug 17, 2022
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In a video going viral on Israeli social media channels, an Israeli police officer is seen approaching, shaking hands with, and allegedly taking orders from Islamic Waqf Director Azzam Khatib.

In the video, Khatib can be seen calling over police officer Shaadi Jadaban as the two shake hands and speak for a few seconds, at which point the officer leaves. Jadaban is a member of the Druze tribe, a secret Arabic religion throughout the Levant. One of the religion’s tenets is to be loyal to the government in which they live. That’s why the Druze are over-represented in the IDF and Israeli police.

Head of NGO Im tirtzu Tom Nisani blasted the video accusing the police officer of colluding and taking orders from “the enemy.” who he accused of being a terror supporter who “oversees Hamas members” in his Wakf staff.

Nisani also accused Khatib of launching a training course with the terrorist who killed Eli Kay and other terrorists who tried to kill police officers on the holy site.