Aug 17, 2022
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SANTA BARBARA, CA / June 26, 2022  — After much anticipation, the partnership between Israeli Watergen, the world leader in Atmospheric Water Generation, and Living Vehicle, a luxury electric travel trailer producer, resulted in the 2023 model which includes Watergen’s proprietary GENius technology powered by the RVs solar power plant.

The Travel Trailer is now capable of creating an endless water supply to allow its owners to remain off-grid longer than ever before, thus bringing ‘Living Vehicle’ closer than ever to the company’s ultimate goal of achieving a Net-Zero offering.


Watergen’s atmospheric water generator (AWG) is paired with Living Vehicle’s oversized water tank, multiple redundant power sources, energy storage packs and off-road capabilities, allowing owners to comfortably extend their freedom on the road and in remote locations, longer than ever before. Access to 24-7 potable water is a central pillar in the ability to remain off-grid. As pioneers for the industry, Living Vehicle partnered with Watergen, leaders in sustainability and innovation, to fully integrate this system into the 2023 Living Vehicle structure. By partnering with Watergen and seamlessly incorporating the technology into its models, Living Vehicle has become one of just 15 companies worldwide to experience Watergen’s on-the-go water generator integrated system.


The production of drinking water from humidity in the air via AWG is undeniably the best water extraction solution available today. The 2023 model units with Watergen’s devices give owners the independence and freedom to enjoy top-quality, mineral-rich water from the comfort of their Living Vehicle wherever their off-grid journeys take them, even in the most arid and remote locations. The technology also naturally reduces the vehicle owner’s carbon footprint and plastic pollution by eliminating single-use plastic containers and transportation-related supply chain pollution. Producing enough water for an entire family, the technology saves storage space, allows for ease of preparation for travel, extends the time one can spend off-grid, and eliminates the hassle of finding water sources en route. The INside system requires minor maintenance and provides up to 5 gallons of clean drinkable water per day.


“Watergen is proud to partner with Living Vehicle for the first mobile application to provide water on the go,” said Dr. Michael Mirilashvili, President of Watergen. “This innovation, now available in the 2023 Living Vehicle, has been in the works for years and brings us closer to our vision to provide clean, safe, and sustainable drinking water around the clock, from any location.”


The 2023 Living Vehicle is the first vehicle (trailer or otherwise) to produce its water with the innovative Watergen AWG device that uses humidity in the air to create drinking water. With more solar power than most traditional homes, this technologically independent trailer is the epitome of luxury unplugged™ with a robust LVEnergy power system, offering complete energy independence to power all onboard equipment. Founded by Matthew and Joanna Hofmann, Living Vehicle blends autonomous technology and enduring, sustainable power with stunning, functional architecture to push the limits of modern nomadic living.