Sep 29, 2022
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A Pew Research Center poll revealed that more Israelis favor the way former US president DonaldTrump handled world affairs over current US president Joe Biden reports Haaretz. The report also revealed that Israelis prefer Biden over French president Emanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Israel is the only major Western nation that views Biden less favorably than his predecessor Donald Trump, according to a new poll surveying 18 countries headed by the Pew Research Center.

“Israel, according to this poll, has the most common sense and good judgment than the other nations polled,” said chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel Mark Zell in an interview with Israel365 News. “Trump was a tremendous asset when it came to policy-making not only for Israel but the world at large,” he added.

Regarding Trump’s treatment in the mainstream media, Zell quipped: “The media portrayed him in a very unflattering way, but the people in Israel were able to see through all that.”

Referring to the Abraham accords with Gulf states UAE and Bahrain, Zell said: “In Israel, we see what’s happening. We see the greatness of this guy. The whole Middle East was reshaped.”

In June, Israel365 News reported that sources in the State Department confirmed that the Biden administration would move forward with establishing a new Office of Palestinian Affairs in Jerusalem that will act independently of the US ambassador to Israel’s office there. This move goes against the expressed wishes of the Israeli government. Still, the Biden State Department is going even further, opening an official Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem wholly independent of the US embassy in Israel. This consulate will act as a de facto embassy to the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem, a move that violates international law.

Last year, Trump’s Israeli ambassador David Friedman revealed that “The Trump administration would have given Israel free reign to defend itself,” adding: “We trusted Israel. Israel has zero interest in extending this conflict; zero interest in killing civilians.”