Jun 30, 2022
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A top official in Israel’s Health Ministry said that the mask mandates would return to closed spaces, including public transportation, state-run Kann News reported.

According to the report, the Health Ministry believes Israel is facing a new wave of covid but admitted that they couldn’t verify it with certainty.

In April, Israel lifted its two-year mask mandate. It was lifted for ten days in June last year but was reinstated at a resurgence in the pandemic. First imposed in April 2020, the mandate required Israelis to wear masks at all times indoors.

In May, Israeli Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz announced the end of the mask mandate on international flights.

“We are not keeping unnecessary restrictions,” he tweeted. “We stopped the policy of lockdowns and closures and moved to a sane and responsible policy.”

As of May 21, Israeli and foreign travelers no longer needed to be tested for COVID-19 to enter the country.