Jun 29, 2022
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Israel will become the most crowded country of all Western nations in less than thirty years, MK Alon Tal (Blue and White) told the Knesset on Monday.

The statement was made in the special committee on drug addictions and challenges facing youth. The committee touched on the effect of the decrease in open spaces on the quality of life of the younger generation in 2050. Tal presented data from a report by the Zafuf environmental organization. The report indicated that by 2050, the Jewish State’s population could expand to over 17.5 million people.

“Israel will be the most crowded Western country, with more than 800 residents per square kilometer,” Tal said. “We understand the reality and realize that safeguarding open spaces is not enough. I want to know what the Israel Planning Administration and the Construction and Housing Ministry are doing to turn their words into action. The open spaces are dissipating at a disorienting rate of 24 square kilometers annually. The rate will increase as the population grows”.

Alon Tal (Blue and White) is an Israeli environmental activist, co-founder of the Israel Union for Environmental Defense, the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and the Green Zionist Alliance Photo by Flash90

The notion of Israel being part of the west is controversial as many see the Jewish State as one with a different culture from other western countries founded on Christian values.

Tal cautioned that Israel is prone to lose open spaces eight times the size of Tel Aviv by 2050. He called on the advancement of a strategic plan to protect open spaces at once.

Committee chairman Ram Shefa (Labor).agreed with Tal’s warning calling it an “existential crisis.”.

“We are youngsters concerned about what will happen here in 30 years. The mainstream media does not understand the situation’s severity. Rather than crowding the cities, residents are taking over green rural areas. Our job is to create a change in awareness and influence legislation so that the Environmental Protection Ministry can make the changes it needs to.”