Jun 30, 2022
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According to a report by ECA International, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv made the list of the ‘20 most expensive cities in the world’.

The report, published on Wednesday, ranked Tel Aviv 6th—one spot above their seventh-place spot in 2021.

Jerusalem was ranked the 15th most expensive city worldwide, climbing three spots from 2021.

ECA measured the cost of living by pricing goods, including coffee at a cafe, tomatoes, cooking oil, gasoline, and milk.

This report makes it clear that the cost of living for Israelis is astronomical. Those affected most by rising prices are the working class. For them, affording basic food staples is now becoming a daily struggle. 

That’s why organizations like Colel Chabad are so important. Colel Chabad provides food cards for purchasing groceries for those who can’t otherwise afford them. They do this by distributing food cards and delivering groceries to bedbound Israelis.

Due to the rising prices in Israel’s major cities, Colel Chabad needs your help now more than ever. To help feed Israelis in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and throughout Israel, please consider donating to Colel Chabad today.