Jun 29, 2022
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Major anti-government protests are taking place in Iran, reports Syrian-born American journalist and television presenter Hayvi Bouzo.

The Kurdish reporter and current chief of the Washington DC Bureau of Orient News tweeted the video showing thousands of Iranian flooding the streets in a popular protest against the Islamic Republic. The demonstrations are likely on a broader scale than the footage implies, as broadcasting such rallies is illegal and often censored by the regime.

In July of 2021, Israel365 News reported that protests in Iran over water shortages spread to the country’s capital, with demonstrators in Tehran shouting “death to the dictator.”

Demonstrations also spread to the cities of Isfahan, Kermanshah, Karaj, and Ahvaz, with protesters chanting “Not for Gaza! Not for Lebanon! I sacrifice my life for Iran”—a slogan used in protests since 2009 and that can be heard in footage posted on social media.