Jun 26, 2022
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An Israeli expression says: ‘If you see angels, they’re real, but if you see demons, you’re crazy.’ This is the story of a real-life angel. But before you read about him, there’s something you should know about the IDF that most people don’t:

Israel’s army is unique in that civilians if they choose to, can significantly impact the day-to-day lives of the country’s soldiers.

That’s because the army gives its soldiers the bare minimum it needs to survive during training and operations.

But they welcome any civilian initiatives that can improve the soldier’s quality of life or boost their morale during their downtime.

No one has seized this opportunity more than Rafi Ben Danaan. He lives in a hilltop settlement in the Judean Hills surrounded by Arab terrorist cities and villages.

Because of these hotbeds of terrorism, hundreds of IDF soldiers patrol the area near Rafi’s house throughout the year. All day and all night, they protect the Jewish people.

Rafi noticed that the army gave the soldiers tents to sleep in, but with no running water or electricity.

He realized that they would suffer from frostbite in the winter and heatstroke in the summer.

Some may say it builds character or that it’s a ‘real’ military experience.

But Rafi, a veteran himself, realizes there’s no more significant boost to a soldier’s morale in battle than when the local civilian population steps up to show they care. 

And so, Rafi jumped through a barrage of bureaucratic hurdles while raising enough money to build those soldiers indoor barracks on his own dime.

Then he built a free canteen (that he runs) where soldiers can get hot drinks and snacks between operations.

Rafi also realized that tending to their physical needs isn’t enough.

That’s why he makes sure to educate the troops who pass through about the Biblical significance of the Land of Israel. Some of the soldiers were raised by Atheists and are learning the Hebrew Bible for the first time in their lives…All thanks to Rafi.

IDF soldiers need a good Hebrew Bible education to better protect the Land of Israel.

Rafi is the IDF’s unofficial chaplain who houses and feeds soldiers. He helps them realize their Biblical connection to the Land of Israel.

But now he needs your help. Can you support the IDF’s primary Bible teacher? He has depleted his life savings and invests his time teaching the Bible to Israeli soldiers in his canteen.