Jun 29, 2022
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A pundit on Russian state TV called for the UK to be bombed ‘into the Stone Age’ with missile barrages on Britain’s power plants reports The Daily Mail.

Yaakov Kedmi, a former Israeli diplomat who was born in Russia, said that the Kremlin’s new hypersonic Zircon missile should be launched to decimate 50-60 power plants in England ‘in ten minutes,’ sending the entire country into darkness.

Kedmi held several positions within Israel’s Foreign Ministry. From 1988-to 1990 he was employed by the Israeli consular group at the Dutch Embassy in Moscow.

Kedmi was speaking on one of Russia’s most highly viewed talk shows. There he said that to use the Sarmat missile would be ‘overkill.’ The Sarmat is reportedly capable of carrying 12 nuclear warheads – on Britain.

Rather, Great Britain should be struck with the 6,670mph Zircon missiles, the pundit opined.

Politician Aleksey Zhuravlyov and another TV personality Dmitry Kiselyov also backed striking the UK with the Sarmat missile, also known as Satan-2.

‘It’s overkill. Sarmat is too good, too big, for Great Britain,’ Kedmi said on state-owned Russian television channel Russia 1. ‘There is no need to use [such a big weapon’ for Britain.’

‘One or one-and-a-half launches from a multi-purpose submarine with Zircons will be enough.

‘About 50 or 60 of Britain’s power stations will be gone in ten minutes. And all of Britain will be back to the Stone Age.

‘Within ten minutes, nothing else is needed. It’ll be back to the Stone Age in ten minutes.’

Dmitry Rogozin, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and head of the Russian Space Agency ‘Roscosmos,’ also cautioned that NATO countries could be annihilated within 30 minutes in a nuclear strike.