Jun 30, 2022
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A new disturbing study conducted by Israeli researchers and published in Nature demonstrated an over 25 percent increase in cardiovascular-related emergency calls in the young-adult population after the rollout of corona vaccines. The victims included both men and women. No similar increase was found among those who contracted coronavirus naturally.

The study was examined by fact-checkers from Reuters who criticize social media users that use the findings as proof that the covid vaccine causes heart attacks writing that: “the study itself does not prove a correlation with COVID-19 vaccines, though social media posts suggest that it does.”

Both Israel health authorities as well as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have acknowledged a link between coronavirus vaccines and specific cardiovascular complications. The risk of suffering from myocarditis following a second vaccine dose is currently estimated to be anywhere from 1 in 3000 to 1 in 6000 in men aged 16-24.

Recent articles in scientific journals sought to imply that cardiovascular complications after coronavirus infection are more frequent than those following vaccination. That assertion is contradicted by the findings from a recent study by Israeli researchers. The scientists used data from Israel National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) related to “cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome examining emergency calls to EMS in the 16–39-year-old population” between 2019 and 2021. The data enabled them to compare a baseline (pre-COVID epidemic) to a coronavirus epidemic without vaccines and compare it to a coronavirus epidemic following mass vaccine injections.

An over 25% increase was discovered in each type of call during January–May 2021 compared to 2019–2020. This means that “increased rates of vaccination … are associated with increased number of CA [cardiac arrest] and ACS [acute coronary syndrome].” By contrast, the trial “did not detect a statistically significant association between the COVID-19 infection rates and the CA and ACS weekly call counts.”

Although the risks of myocarditis for young males have received widespread attention, the study discovered a more significant increase in CA and ACS events among females that were linked to coronavirus vaccines.

It is known that myocarditis is a “major cause of sudden, unexpected deaths in adults less than 40 years of age and is assessed to be responsible for 12–20% of these deaths,” the study’s authors explain. The researchers added that their findings were mirrored by their colleagues in Scotland and Germany.

The researchers warn that given their findings, “It is essential to raise awareness among patients and clinicians with respect to related symptoms (e.g., chest discomfort and shortness of breath) following vaccination or COVID-19 infection to ensure that potential harm is minimized.”

Although the study is purely data-driven, the conclusions of this article are subject to criticisms that the Editors are considering.