Jun 30, 2022
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China was elected to the World Health Organization’s (W.H.O.) executive board on Friday, despite the fact that Bei Jing provided false information to the W.H.O. during the Covid outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China. Israel has been warned by the Trump administration as well as security experts in the past against cooperating with China.

China obstructed investigations into Ovid’s origin and even persecuted Chinese doctors who tried to sound the alarm about the pandemic that spread across the globe.

The Israeli U.N. Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer expressed his shock about the UN health agency’s decision, with seemingly no resistance from member states in the western world:

Dr. Li Wenliang was brutally silenced by the China when he attempted to caution other colleagues about a SARS-like respiratory virus rapidly spreading through Wuhan. He died in February 2020 allegedly from Covid.

Israel, who recently returned from the WHO’s World Health Assembly in Geneva, has been accused of naivety when cooperating with China on projects involving sensitive infrastructure.

In 2019, then US secretary of State Pompeo was said to have cautioned Israel that allowing China more control over Israeli infrastructure could reduce U.S. intelligence-sharing.

Additionally, the Gemunder Center of the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) issued a report last year saying that Israel and America must have a comprehensive, cooperative strategy for protection against Chinese economic exploitation and intellectual property theft.