Jun 27, 2022
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The dean of the Mitzpe Ramon hesder yeshiva (seminary) is under fire from Israel’s gay community after calling on his students to “fight” against the gay agenda in a recent lecture, telling his audience to say “gays, go home!” in their workplaces, according to footage shared by KAN news.

Discussing the Education Ministry’s incorporation of what he sees as an LGBT agenda into the school system, Rabbi Tzvi Kustiner, the head of the yeshiva, said: “Look how far the insanity has gone in the Education Ministry. This is the fight that I call on everyone to fight in his place. Do not be ashamed! Muster up the courage! Wherever you stand, say LGBT people go home! Gays, go home!”.

Rabbi Kustiner proceeded to call them “evil.”

Not just any Yeshiva

Rabbi Kustiner heads a Hesder Yeshiva. These seminaries combine Torah learning with army service and have the reputation of ‘producing’ a disproportionate amount of elite IDF officers. Statements that are perceived to be ‘homophobic’ is a risky undertaking as the institutions are funded by the Defense Ministry, which is often accused of promoting a pro-LGBT agenda.

The rabbi then touched on the largely unreported violence in the gay community, asking rhetorically: “Do you know how much violence goes on there? How much sexual assault takes place there?”

He lamented that they want to “bring that insanity into every home.”

The rabbi also railed against a new IDF regulation instituted by Defense Minister Benny Gantz, instructing the IDF to replace the fields ‘father’ and ‘mother’ in all forms used by the Defense Ministry with ‘Parent 1’ and ‘Parent 2’ to accomodate children with gay parents.

Lamenting the “silence” in the face of the agenda, the rabbi called on his audience “not to be ashamed of our Judaism.”

Support and opposition

On Thursday, another Yeshiva dean Rabbi David Findel (Sderot), backed Rabbi Kustiner’s “holy” sentiments, comparing LGBT ‘pride’ to taking pride in other sins such as eating bread on Passover or violating the Sabbath.

Rabbi David Findel (screenshot)

Israeli left-wing journalist and host of “Night Life” blasted Rabbi Kustiner, accusing him of being the one to “spread evil.” Yesh Atid MK Yorai Lahav-Hartznu, who himself is gay, also railed against the rabbi calling his statements “dangerous incitement.”

Rabbi Kustiner is a member of the Noam Party, headed by MK Avi Maoz. The Noam (pleasantness) party was established in 2019, among other things, to combat the foreign-funded LGBT agenda that has crept its way into the Israeli educational system and is trying to shape the country’s culture. Their slogan is: “A normal nation in our land.”

Confirming his statements

In a recent letter to his alumni, the rabbi clarified his stance and did not apologize. He noted an example of a Holocaust Memorial Day play that children were sent to watch where at the end of the play, a priest and another man turned out to be the father of a child following the war. He explained that this type of “setup” compelled the teachers to speak with their students about the concept of same-sex parents.

“This play is just one example of the behavior of the LGBTs to reach our children sneakily, to change our identity and reinvent the definition of a family,” he wrote, even at the expense of fallen Holocaust survivors. He added that the effort to push LGBT parades into more traditional and religious towns throughout Israel was another example of their infiltration efforts.

The rabbi added that this is “not a coincidence but rather a method” whose goal is to “take one’s suffering and instead of helping them, they exploit his condition to advance extreme agendas that have no place in the Israeli public.”

He then called on his students to muster the courage and declare: Moses is the truth, and his Torah is the truth,” adding that “we will never divert from the Torah.”

“The Jewish family is an eternal holy institution. Israeli is a Jewish state.”

He concluded the letter by calling for the building of the Third Temple “speedily and in our days.”