Jun 29, 2022
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In his essential book, “To Heal the World? How the Jewish Left Corrupts Judaism and Endangers Judaism” Jonathan Neumann explains to Israel365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz why so many Jews are liberals and why that is so dangerous.

Neumann drills down into the expression ‘Tikkun Olam,’ an exhausted mantra of reform and progressive Jews who use the invented concept as a premise to justify every progressive value. Neumann notes how Jewish leftists often manipulate Judaism to match the latest woke trend.

In the interview, the author also touches on ‘social justice, which he calls “left-wing politics. It’s liberal politics in a nutshell.” Neumann adds that the values promoted by the left never involve charity – a central tenet in Judaism.

Neumann adds that Judaism shouldn’t be partisan, noting that he doesn’t “see necessarily that Judaism is synonymous with whatever the republican party happens to say.”

He notes the inconsistency of American Jews who, on the one hand, insist on the separation of Church and State while justifying every Democratic law as a Jewish/Tikkun Olam value, saying: “There is an enormous misunderstanding in American Judaism, the American Jewish community about Tikkun Olam what it means and its actual relevance.”